Bionicle Story

This has nothing to do with the real Bionicle storyline, but it is made completely by me, unless I say otherwise.

The Task of Light

Part One

    One day, a very young Ko- Matoran named Lumix was playing Kohlii with his friends Tagis, the Le- Matoran, Quake, the Onu- Matoran, and Aquil, the Ga- Matoran. It was a tough match, but in the end, Tagis and Quake won.
    "We quick-beat you!" Laughed Tagis. Aquil smiled.
     "We went easy on you." she said.
"Did not!" yelled Tagis. Quake was quietly watching them bicker, felling slightly amused. Lumix was doing the same, until he heard a rustle in a bush behind him.
"Uh, guys go ahead, I'll, uh, clean up the field." He said.
"Um, okay?" said Quake, suspiciously, but the others had already walked away, so he jogged up to them. As soon as they were out of sight, Lumix turned around towards the bush.
 "Hello?" he whispered. A whimper came from the bush. He pushed the leaves away and screamed, and the sharp toothed spiny face screamed back.
   "I'm sorry!" Sobbed the thing in the bush. "I- I didn't m- mean to scare you!"
    "You- your a Skakdi!" Whispered Lumix.
   "Yes," it cried "I- I won't hurt you!"
   Lumix laughed. "Nor will I hurt you, you only startled me! My name's Lumix."

   "M-my name is Vornok." The voice trembled.
   "What are you doing so far away from Zakaz*?  said Lumix
   "I wanted to escape the fighting." said Vornok. "I thought I could live here, on Vetra Nui."
   "I'm sure Turaga Lewa would be fine with it." said Lumix.
  "Really?" sniffed Vornok.
And of course he did.

          One day a teenage Ko- Matoran was playing Kohlii with his friends Quake, Tagis, and his girlfriend, Aquil. The game was being reffed by there friend, Vornok. It was a tough match, but in the end, Lumix and Aquil won.
         "We owned you!" Shouted Aquil
         "We were going easy on you." said Tagis, in a very good young Aquil accent. They all laughed.
                                                        Yeah, I know. I'm great at photo editing.


*Zakaz is the Skakdi's native land, which is in a constant civil war. The skakdi and Zakaz were real bionicle races and lands, not made by me.


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